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With a unique 12-stage filtration system, there is no detail overlooked in the design of a Miele vacuum. Capture 99.9% of fine particles while you give your home one of the best vacuum cleaning jobs ever. Each vacuum is uniquely designed to make your life easier. With exceptional lay flat technology, powerful suction, and filtration second to none, you can't go wrong with a Miele vacuum.

The genius of Miele is found in the details

We only carry the best, but even the best vacuums needs maintenance and the occasional repair. Trust us to get the repairs you need done

affordably today.

One of the worst sources for poor air quality in your home is your carpet. Your Miele is designed to remove as many allergens, mold, dust, and pollen as possible to keep your home's air clean.

Improve your home's air quality

It is important to carefully weigh your options when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. We will help you cut through the marketing hype and discuss the real merits of each vacuum cleaner we offer. You will love working with our professional, no pressure sales team in finding a vacuum that will perform and meet your home's needs, while sticking to a budget that doesn't drain the bank account.

Work with us to find the right Miele vacuum

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We sell, service, and sell parts and accessories for Vacuflow - Miele Vacuums - Sierena brands.

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