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Your Sebo will be equipped with a hospital grade filtration system, which removes up to 99.9% of allergens, mold, pollen, and dust. Combine that filtration power with intelligent designs that are easy to use, and you have a vacuum that is world-renowned. Designed and made in Germany, your Sebo will truly be one of the finest vacuums you could even own.

The world's best vacuums for allergens and pets

While it doesn't happen often, if your Sebo vacuum happens to breakdown, we can repair it fast. From major repairs to regular maintenance, bring it to us or have us come to you.

Designed to be truly versatile, Sebo's are well known for how easy they are to use, and their exceptional feature set. Clean faster and easier, even in tight corners and low

clearance areas.


It is user-friendly with protective handle bumper, easy-change bag with hygienic seal, Thermal cut-out

quick-release cord etc.

Flexible and versatile design and features

With how well designed and built your Sebo vacuum is, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. With attention to details and a very firm focus on usability, your vacuum is designed with low profile footers so they can fit under and into the tightest places. Every Sebo comes with a powerful motor that is backed by a 5-year warranty.

German engineering you can't live without

Call us today and discover your best vacuum ever:

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